Wednesday 24 October 2007

Essays by David Bentley Hart

If I were really pressed, I would admit that some experiences in life are more enjoyable than reading David Bentley Hart (although I can’t think of any just now). Hart has often published essays in First Things – and David Congdon has now compiled a very helpful series of links to all these essays.

So do yourself a favour today: go and read “Christ and Nothing” (2003), or “The Lively God of Robert Jenson” (2005), or “Tsunami and Theodicy” (2005). And then join with me in prayer for the safe and speedy completion of Hart’s next book....


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hart's paper on theodicy is immensly helpful as I consider how to address the fires burning nearby. It just rings truer than the other things I've head today, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Hart's book "The Christian Revolution"? According to, it was published by Yale Univeristy Press in Feb. 2007, but is "out of stock". There is no reference to it on the YUP website.

Matt said...


I asked Hart about this last spring and he said amazon's publication date was very early; the book won't apparently be out until Dec 2008, which YUP confirmed. Cruel, huh?

James said...


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