Saturday, 20 October 2007

400,000th visitor!

A few hours ago, F&T had its 400,000th visitor. To mark the occasion, I’ll be sending a free book to the lucky visitor. This person hailed from Portland, Oregon, and s/he was reading F&T on a computer with the IP address 76.105.246.# (Comcast Cable). This visitor came here from a link at Halden’s blog. (Come to think of it, perhaps it was Halden himself? – I think he lives in Portland.)

Anyway, please let me know if you’re the visitor in question, so that I can send you your prize. And, to everyone who reads this blog: thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Ben, Kim and all posters. You guys do such an excellent job and were there spark for my interest in theology.

Halden said...

Alas, the IP address rules me out. Nevertheless, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Good to hear (although not surprising)!

a. steward said...

Hey, I'm from Portland! I checked the blog yesterday! I steal wireless from our neighbors, though, so I'm not really sure if that's their address. Actually, I just figured out how to check. No, not me. But congratulations to you, still.
Damn Halden, those were some fine wings yesterday, eh?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Micah -- thanks for your comment, I'm delighted to hear it!

Since we haven't yet managed to identify the visitor, here's some more info: they came to F&T at 7:18 pm (Portland time), using Microsoft WinXP, with an Internet Explorer 7.0 browser. (Which means, for a better prize, someone should tell them about Firefox...)

Anyway, if we can't identify the person, I guess A. Steward's neighbour will have to become the winner by default!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ben! Since I'm coming up on the mere 50,000 visitation since switching to Wordpress from Blogger, I stand amazed at the traffic your great site attracts.

Halden said...

Well, if no one comes forward to claim the prize, I suggest that the book go to me...I mean given that it came from my site and all...

: )

Ben Myers said...

Hi Halden: well, since we've been unable to identify the correct person, I reckon you'll have to do. So congratulations, you've won a free book!

a. steward said...

Steve and Lydia are crushed.

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