Thursday 13 April 2006

Good Friday and the terrors of history

“To recognize God in the cross of Christ, conversely, means to recognize the cross, inextricable suffering, death and hopeless rejection in God... [I]t must also be said that, like the cross of Christ, even Auschwitz is in God himself. Even Auschwitz is taken up into the grief of the Father, the surrender of the Son and the power of the Spirit.... God in Auschwitz and Auschwitz in the crucified God—that is the basis for a real hope which both embraces and overcomes the world, and the ground for a love which is stronger than death and can sustain death. It is the ground for living with the terror of history and the end of history, and nevertheless remaining in love and meeting what comes in openness for God’s future.”

—Jürgen Moltmann, The Crucified God (London: SCM, 1974), pp. 277-78.


T.B. Vick said...

This is my favorite work by Moltmann.

Ben Myers said...

Yes, mine too -- although his Theology of Hope also left a deep impression on me.

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