Thursday 6 April 2006

Barth and Bultmann

“Neither Barth nor Bultmann can be understood apart from an awareness of their close affinities and mutual sympathies throughout each decade of their lives.”

—Frank Jehle, Ever against the Stream: The Politics of Karl Barth, 1906–1968 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002), p. 14.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a "buddy movie" there somewhere - and a "roady" too, to and from from Basle and Marburg.

For another interesting, though tragically curtailed relationship, Charles Marsh agrees with John Godsey that "almost everything Bonhoeffer wrote was written with Barth in mind." Marsh, however, hastens to add: "Yet Bonhoeffer never shied away from offering sharp criticisms of Barth and the Barthians, and, in this manner, he always felt himself to be something of an anomaly - though, of couse, no description is more fitting of Barth himself."

Make that buddy movie "The Three Stooges"!

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