Sunday 26 March 2006

Quote of the day

"We do not have the Spirit of God; rather, he has us."

—Karl Barth, Der Römerbrief (Erste Fassung) 1919 (Zürich: TVZ, 1985), p. 307.


Ben Myers said...

Many thanks for this, Solly. Well, $69 is a little better than $100....

darksat said...

The problem with effing the ineffable is no one understands what the f your talking about.
believe me, I have tried.

Ben Myers said...

G'day Darksat -- thanks for visiting. Sorry if some things on this blog seem incomprehensible!

On another note, though, it's great to see that you like Samuel Beckett: I have always loved the phrase "effing the ineffable"; it's so characteristic of Beckett's playful use of language.

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