Tuesday 21 March 2006

More about fundamentals of faith

For those who read Portuguese (or who use Babel Fish), a theological student from Rio de Janeiro has just written a detailed critique of my recent "neo-ortodoxo" post about fundamentals of faith.


Rory Shiner said...

Hi Ben,
I've been meaning to post a comment on your Fundamentals of Faith. As an old fundie, I've wanted to put forward a defense of the idea of fundamentals in the sense of (for example) the AFES Doctrinal Basis:"We uphold the fundmentals of Christian Faith, including...".
I've sometimes thought 'fundamentalist" is more descriptive that "evangelical" (though of course I loathe the things that the term 'fundamentalist' has come to represent.)
Anyway, your post gave much food for thought, so I expect I will go away, think for a while, and then post a response on Frankly, Mr Shankly.
By the way, I somehow missed your podcast on Barth. Looking forward to listening to it right now!

Gustavo Nagel said...

Hi Myers!

Thank you for the link and for the answer to my critic.

I read your post about the foundational role of Scripture and it's very interesting. I'll think about it and then I'll send you my opinion.

It's a pleasure have your visit in my blog and have a comment in english. I'm sorry for the work with babelfish.

Would you like me to translate my critic to english?

Thank you, once more.

Ben Myers said...

Hi Nagel. Great, I'd welcome your further thoughts. And I'm sure folks here would enjoy reading your post in English if you had the time to translate it.

Rory Shiner said...

Have now listened to the podcast on Barth. Great stuff. Really captured the idea of theology as the happiest of sciences.

::aaron g:: said...

That Babel Fish tool is really cool! I'm going to take it to my all-night prayer meeting tonight and see what the glossalia is saying to the Church. Although, I suspect it will be saying to go out and buy the latest Hillsong CD.

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