Sunday 5 March 2006

Colin Gunton blog

I recently discovered an excellent new theology blog: Nate Suda’s Gunton Research.

Nate is a PhD student under John Webster at Aberdeen, currently completing his dissertation on Colin Gunton’s theology. His blog is a forum for the discussion of Gunton's work, and it includes superb research bibliographies (both primary and secondary sources), articles and conference papers on Gunton, and various other goodies. Of particular interest is the recent post on Gunton’s unfinished dogmatics and his unpublished Barth lectures.

Thanks to Nate for providing this valuable scholarly forum. If you’re interested in Colin Gunton or in British systematic theology, then you should be sure to visit Gunton Research—and if you’ve written a paper or given a conference presentation on Gunton, then you might like to consider posting it on this blog as well.


Michael F. Bird said...

Ben, I heard one funny story about Colin before he died. The maximum number of Ph.D candidates anyone is meant to have is about 8-10. But when he suddenly died it was discovered that he had 30!

nate suda said...


Many thanks for your kind words on the Gunton Research blog. Michael's story is absolutely true - and is such a fitting portrait of Colin Gunton. His love of theology was so great, and his desire to share his knowledge was so strong. I only hope that the Gunton Research blog can be one of the ways that tradition is kept alive, and be a lively place for discussion of Colin's thought.

The site, as you say, is fairly new and still developing. When I have a minute I plan to put in a list of on-line resources - on of which will certainly be this blog, which I have grown to enjoy very much.

Many Thanks,

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