Monday 9 January 2006

More essential lists

Following the suggestions of some readers, I’ve decided to continue the series of “essential lists for theologians.” I’ll be inviting some guest bloggers to create essential lists in their own areas of interest, such as music, film and art. So stay tuned for more of these lists over the next couple of weeks.


Rory Shiner said...

Good idea. These lists are fun! Films for Theologians would be cool: The Apostle and The Thin Red Line would be up there for me.

Jim said...

Thin red line--- what a wretched film. I hated it immensely. A far better example of the war genre is Saving Private Ryan. Now THAT was a film!

T.B. Vick said...

Good idea . . . can't wait to see the lists.

Fat said...

Hmmmm - the top ten lists of essential lists for theologians.

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