Tuesday 10 January 2006

International Journal of Systematic Theology

The latest issue of the International Journal of Systematic Theology is out now, and it’s available online to Blackwell Synergy subscribers. The contents are superb:

IJST 8:1 (2006)

Religious Diversity, Christian Doctrine and Karl Barth
Geoff Thompson (Brisbane)

Karl Barth, Emil Brunner and the Subjectivity of the Object of Christian Hope
John C. McDowell (Edinburgh)

Fides Quaerens Intellectum: Reflections towards an Explorative Theology
Hans G. Ulrich (Erlangen), translated by Brian Brock

Federalism vs Realism: Charles Hodge, Augustus Strong and William Shedd on the Imputation of Sin
Oliver D. Crisp (Bristol)

Trinitarian Missiology: Towards a Theology of God as Missionary
Stephen R. Holmes (St Andrews)

Of greatest interest to me is Hans Ulrich’s article on theological method. Here’s the abstract: “The postmodern critique has rendered traditional justifications of the practice of research incredible. Further, the status of theological research, in which ‘the discovery of new facts’ or the like is at best ambiguous as an aim, must be under question. This article argues that the aim of theological research is to discover what life lived as if theological claims were true might look like.”

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J. B. Hood said...

Thanks for throwing out things that bibliobloggers (and bib studies guys) miss.

That quote from Ulrich is absolutely fascinating. I suppose in a way it's a bit like Francis, Calvin, Wesley, Schweizer, and many others, who sought to live life as if their claims were true. Does that mean that tenured profs are less valuable as exegetes and/or theologians? Is there any danger we collapse into missiology and mission? Or is that what YHWH intended all along?!?

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