Monday 19 September 2005

Quote of the day

“The Christian Bible—and this is the first and absolutely unshakeable [historical] fact that we know about it—comes into existence from the start as the book of Christ.... Christ speaks in both Testaments and is their true content. This alone is what makes the Bible the Christian Bible, the book of the Christian Church.”

—Hans von Campenhausen, The Formation of the Christian Bible (London: Adam & Charles Black, 1972), pp. 327-28.

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Anonymous said...

So is it Christ or the gospel that is the coherence of Scripture as *Holy* Scripture? What about God himself? Sure, a God who in Christ and the Spirit redeems and regains his gracious sovereign rule over the world?
Should the cohesion and purpose of Scripture be seen as primarily theological (in the strict sense)?
This is still a christological and evangelical (not to mention pneumatological) theology, but these take their place as God's actions. Even Christ, the source of our salvation (which is the source of our knowledge of God), finds his source in the Father ('God from God').
Therefore, perhaps the epistemic order is the reverse of the ontological order (while we acknowledge the problematic nature of both these terms): while we come to know God through Christ's evangel, that gospel is of Christ, who is of God.
Just a thought...

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