Tuesday 27 September 2005

Law and gospel

“Because God demands nothing from the people of God without already taking responsibility for it, God issues his command in order to draw people into God’s promise of faithfulness.”

—Gerhard Sauter, Gateways to Dogmatics: Reasoning Theologically for the Life of the Church (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2003), p. 220.


existentialist said...

How would you define dogmatics? And how would you identify yourself as a Christian?

Ben Myers said...

Hi Olympiada. I would describe dogmatics as the field of study that tries to give an orderly account of Christian faith.

I'm not quite sure what you mean about identifying myself as a Christian. Are you asking about my church tradition, or about how I know I am a Christian?

In any case, on the sidebar there's a link to "what I believe", which gives a good outline of how I understand Christian faith (both my own faith and Christian faith in general). Hope this helps!

existentialist said...

I am asking about your church tradition. And since you do respond to my comments, I will ask you another question on the next one. I wasn't sure.

I will check your link. Thank you.

I guess my question is: what church do you attend? What "denomination"?

Craig Schwarze said...

Hmmm...I'm guessing you are a Lutheran olympiada...

existentialist said...

Hi Craigs, not in the least. What gave you that idea? I am Russian Orthodox! I will come visit your blog.

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