Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Around the traps

Norm has continued his entertaining “theologian trading card” series with a nice one on Karl Barth. And MM has started posting on the analogia entis conference. In her opening post, she gives this summary: “The tone was reverent and charitable, and climaxed with a breathtaking set of remarks by David Bentley Hart. Needless to say, Bruce Marshall’s presentation was the best. And Bruce McCormack indicated that he had changed his mind.” Speaking of conferences, the next one to go to will be the Chicago conference for David Tracy on Augustine: Theological and Philosophical Conversations (and don’t forget about this one either).

Meanwhile, Seth urges writers (God help us) to write like a blogger. And Jon is back with a brand new blog and a very catchy title: Mixophilosophicotheologia. Meanwhile, the latest issue of Studies in Christian Ethics features a very helpful symposium on managerialism in the church. Especially noteworthy is Bernd Wannenwetsch’s excellent essay, “Inwardness and Commodification: How Romanticist Hermeneutics Prepared the Way for the Culture of Managerialism”, together with John Milbank’s polemical anti-Calvinist piece, “‘Stale Expressions: The Management-Shaped Church”. And speaking of managerial stupidities, Kevin has an entertaining observation about church architecture, while Halden was lucky enough to observe the worst church sign ever.


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