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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Together at last with Paul Molnar

The local Paparazzi (aka Jim West) surprised me and Paul Molnar during one of our long conversations here in San Diego. As you can see here, I’m smiling because I secretly know that Molnar is wrong, and he’s laughing because he knows I’m wrong.... Nevertheless, in spite of our theological differences, we were at least able to agree that The Sopranos is a damn fine TV show.


WTM said...

Perhaps you could give Molnar a regular 'column' here at F&T to compliment Kim's theses? :-)

Brian Lugioyo said...


I very much appreciated your theological contribution to the faith of Jesus discussion. Thank you for your important and thoughtful considerations on the topic.



Chris TerryNelson said...

Ah, and in the Continuum/T&T Clark section no doubt! What be those 3 books in your hand, Ben?

erin said...

it's always smiles just before the cage match...

...when good theologians go bad, tomorrow on FOX

Anonymous said...

"T. & T. Clark: bringing theologians together."

Exiled Preacher said...

What's with the daggy beige clothes? Is that look compulsory for delegates?

MM said...


... caught a glimpse of you at the Pitstick panel; hope you enjoyed the AAR.

MM said...


... caught a glimpse of you at the Pitstick panel; hope you enjoyed the AAR.

kim fabricius said...

Ben, what are you doing with your left hand? Your right hand doth protest too much!

Ben Myers said...

A nice irony: my disagreements with Molnar arise partly from the fact that my own reading of Barth is influenced by J. Louis Martyn's work on Pauline apocalyptic (in some respects, Martyn's actualism is even more radical than Jenson or McCormack). And Molnar tells me that he found himself sitting next to Martyn on the flight home from San Diego, so they had a good talk about the election/triunity debate, etc. Apparently Martyn thinks he would agree with Molnar's position: but this is obviously a complete misunderstanding! Here, too, Martyn is on the side of the angels....

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