Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Here and there

Carolina García (an educator in Mexico City) has translated Kim’s propositions on the literal and the literary into Spanish: Diez pensamientos: de literales y literarios.

David Congdon is hosting a Balthasar blog conference, David Walsh explains his soft spot for Karl Rahner, Scott posts a detailed John Howard Yoder bibliography, and Michael (God bless him) has been reading a bit of Bultmann.

And on the IVP blog, Dan Reid catalogues the many forms of reviewer slothfulness – one of my favourites: “I have a deep-seated need to show my superiority, not least in my area of expertise. And so I will point out certain small but unforgivable failings in this book that will subtly cast it in a bad light.”

Somewhere in the Church Dogmatics, Karl Barth refers to a theologian who died from a scathing review of his work. Barth’s response is that the deceased “had no right to do so” – if you die from a review, you are clearly taking your own theology far too seriously!


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