Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Barth for beginners: a new series?

A couple of years ago I posted my Church Dogmatics in a week series – and these posts continue to attract numerous visitors each week. But since I still get so many queries about how to read Barth’s theology, I’m thinking of starting a new series of brief posts, entitled “Barth for Beginners.” Here’s a possible outline of the series:

I. Background to Church Dogmatics

1. Reading Capital
2. Reading Paul
3. Reading History
4. Reading the Times

II. Church Dogmatics

1. The Electing God (CD II and I)
    Excursus: Barth and Calvin
2. The Rejection of Nothingness (CD III)
    Excursus: Barth and de Lubac
3. The Path of Election (CD IV)
    Excursus: Barth and Bultmann
4. The Goal of Election (on the luminous absence of CD V)
    Excursus: Barth and Pannenberg
5. The Ethics of Election (CD IV/4)
    Excursus: Barth and Hauerwas

III. After Church Dogmatics: or, How Not to Be a Barthian

Does this sound like a helpful series? Any suggestions?


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