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Thursday, 13 April 2006

Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology

Since being founded by Carl Braaten and Robert W. Jenson in the early 90s, the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology (CCET) has been one of the world’s finest and most influential centres of serious ecumenical theology. The CCET now has a new director: Michael Root has taken over from Carl Braaten. The centre’s journal, Pro Ecclesia, also has a new editor, Reinhard Hütter.

In the new issue of Pro Ecclesia, Michael Root offers a programmatic statement of the “defining commitments of a catholic and evangelical theology”:

1. “First, a Catholic and Evangelical theology is committed to the christological and trinitarian dogmas of the early church as the permanently normative context for the explication of the Christian faith.”

2. “Second, a catholic and evangelical theology is committed to the constitutive significance of the church for the reality and the interpretation of the faith.”

3. “Third, a catholic and evangelical theology is committed to the message of God’s free gift of salvation, as that has been articulated at different times and places in the history of the church.”

4. “Finally, a catholic and evangelical theology is committed to the unity of the church and the reconciliation of divided Christians.”

If you can identify with this vision of catholic and evangelical theology, then you should consider supporting the excellent work of the CCET.

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Gaunilo said...

I didn't know this about Hütter taking over PE; I'll be interested to see what he does with it.

CCET and Pro Ecclesia have some of the best theology going here in the US - not that, sadly, there's much competition these days.

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