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Friday, 17 March 2006

Research query on Luther

I’m currently rushing to meet a publishing deadline, and I need to check a few things in Luther’s De servo arbitrio (“On the Bondage of the Will”). I wonder if anyone happens to know of an online edition of the Latin text of this work? If you do, I’d be very grateful to know about it! (My apologies for posting this kind of personal query here.)


Jim said...

I don't know of an online edition but of course I have it in latin among luthers works. What is it in particular you wish to check? I'd be happy to lend a finger (hand, arm, or whatever it is you lads say down that way).



Chris Tilling said...

Apologies for the personal stuff? I should hope so - I was dreadfully offended.

Arvid said...


Here you go!

Jim said...

CCEL won't help you at all. It's not in Latin.

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