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Wednesday, 8 March 2006

A new job

This week I have started my new job here at the University of Queensland; for the next three years, I’ll be a postdoctoral research fellow in one of the university’s splendid research centres. So I’ll be working on various publications relating to the history of Christian theology. In the future I might try to post further details about some of my research projects.


steph said...

Magic - you're back!! No more blank blog blinking.

Congratulations on your new research post. What bliss - paid to play ...

Best wishes

Stephen G said...

Congratulations. It's encouraging to see these sorts of positions being available in this part of the world. (Especially as I'm also looking on both sides of the Tasman for something similar in the near future :-) )

Weekend Fisher said...

Congratulations. Any interesting research right off the bat?

T.B. Vick said...


Congrats! Wow getting paid to research and write - what more could one ask for - other than heaven perhaps! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I could not have imagined such a centre when I graduated from Uni of Q in 1976! Tell us more..


Douglas Knight said...

Well Done Ben! I hope you get around to doing Christian theology straight - not just writing its history. Tell them that theology is the discourse keeping all other European discourses afloat.

Ben Myers said...

Yes, it's an excellent research centre, with a diverse and relatively large community of scholars working on a whole range of fields, such as politics, philosophy, sexuality, theology, theatre, etc.

As for doing "theology straight" -- I hope I can also achieve this from time to time, or at least keep inching towards it through historical theology....

Chris T. said...

Congratulations, Ben!!

Steven Harris said...

Congrats Ben!

I managed to finally read your article on Milton in the new SJT, it was top quality stuff.

(Made me wish I'd paid more attention to Milton at school1)

Ben Myers said...

Thanks, Steven. You mean they taught you Milton in school? You lucky chap!

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