Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Karl Barth and Scripture at SBL

My current series of posts on the doctrine of Scripture is deeply influenced by Karl Barth. If you’re interested in Barth’s approach to Scripture, then you might like to get along to this year’s SBL seminar on “Christian Theology and the Bible.” Mike Bird recently told me that the theme of this seminar will be “Karl Barth and Theological Interpretation.” The papers include:

Douglad Hrink, “‘Words Spoken from the Deck of a Ship—As It Sinks’: Apocalyptic Exegesis and the Question of Israel in Barth’s Römerbrief (1922), chs 9-11”

Katherine Sonderegger, “The Doctrine of Inspiration and the Reliability of the Text in Barth”

Kathryn Greene McCreight, “Typology, Allegory and Plain Sense in Selections from the Church Dogmatics

Joseph Mangina, “Barth and the Apocalypse”


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