Tuesday 3 December 2013

Near and distant conferences and events

  • Tomorrow night at Christ Church St Laurence in Sydney, I'll be giving a lecture on "George Herbert's God" following a service to mark the feast of Nicholas Ferrar
  • Next week in Melbourne there'll be a colloquium with Sarah Coakley. I'll be giving a paper there on "Exegetical mysticism: scripture and the spiritual senses" (mainly on Origen).
  • There's a call for papers for a theology panel at next year's Religion in California conference at Berkeley, with a focus on the California body
  • Princeton has a conference coming up on the doctrine of creation in patristic tradition
  • I'll be involved in next year's online Ecclesia and Ethics conference; they have a call for papers on the theme "Gospel Community and Virtual Existence"
  • It looks like a good lineup for the second Los Angeles Theology Conference on the doctrine of the Trinity. Plus you get to be in California.
  • Wheaton's theology conference next year is on the Spirit of God and renewal
  • And some church events coming up in Australia: a big youth festival, Yurora NCYC, is coming soon to Sydney (I'll be giving some talks there too); and the Uniting Church has a women's conference coming up next year with Nadia Bolz-Weber of the aptly named House for All Sinners and Saints in Colorado.
If you'd like me to add a link to any other upcoming events, just leave the details in a comment.

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