Friday, 19 August 2011

Welcome to the new F&T

Welcome to the new F&T – after six years at, we've finally become respectable! The basic look is the same, but there are several new features – including a much better, more interactive commenting system (Disqus). The RSS feed should forward automatically – but please update your links and bookmarks to the new address,

I'm grateful to a couple of F&T readers who took care of all the technical stuff. Mitch Ebbott kindly purchased, and then donated, the domain name. The savvy and magnanimous Aaron Hampshire did everything else: he spent many hours working on the design, installing the commenting system, importing the 20,000 comments, fixing glitches, calming my nerves when the whole blog disappeared, and so on. I'm very grateful for this great generosity! And thanks to all those who recently discussed the question of whether to move the blog – this was really helpful.

Don't forget to update your links! Pretty please!


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