Sunday 12 June 2011

Changing places: academic jobs

A few movements in the world of theological academia (if you know of any others, add a comment):

  • Oliver Crisp is leaving drizzly Bristol to work on his suntan, and to take up the chair in systematic theology at Fuller Seminary
  • Our blogging friend Travis McMaken is taking up an appointment at Lindenwood University
  • Aberdeen continues to expand its empire: Steve Mason is taking up a chair in New Testament; Bernd Wannenwetsch is moving to a chair of theological ethics; and Tom Greggs is taking up a chair in Historical and Doctrinal Theology
  • At my own college, Jeff Aernie is coming from Aberdeen to become lecturer in New Testament studies.
In other job news, Murdoch University in Perth is looking for a New Testament lecturer.


Amanda said...

Jeff Aernie is great -- tell him congratulations from me when you see him!

Chris TerryNelson said...

Does this make Aberdeen the Miami Heat of the theological academic world now? :-)

John Byron said...

Scott Hafemann is leaving Gordon Conwell and going to Saint Andrews.

kim fabricius said...

Hey Chris, does that mean its students choke in their finals?

Robert said...

Crisp will make a great compliment to Kärkkäinen in Systematics at Fuller. We're stoked to have the dude...please pass the sunscrean! (Sorry Sven for the loss at Bristol.)

Anonymous said...

Well, there's always the news about the new Regius Professor of Divinity in Oxford...

Ross H. McKenzie said...

Maybe you have posted this before.

Peter Harrison is moving from Oxford to the University of Queensland. He will be director of the Centre for the History of European Discourses (Ben's former department) and the first Professor of Science and Religion in an Australian university.

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