Tuesday 10 March 2009

William Stringfellow on the power of the state

“Remember, now, that the state has only one power it can use against human beings: death. The state can persecute you, prosecute you, imprison you, exile you, execute you. All of these mean the same thing. The state can consign you to death. The grace of Jesus Christ in this life is that death fails. There is nothing the state can do to you, or to me, which we need fear” (A Second Birthday, p. 133).

And it’s great to see that Halden is also joining in the Week of Stringfellow!


Mason said...

"There is nothing the state can do to you, or to me, which we need fear"

Ben, excellent quote, thanks for sharing it. I'll need to read this book for sure.

Danny said...

I suppose I do not understand the context of the quote. I do not know much about Stringfellow. Is this quote relevant today to Christians in America or Europe? I suppose I am just trying to understand what it means.

Halden said...

Danny, Stringfellow wrote, quite intentionally to the Christians of the United States in the 1950s-1970s. All his works are situated in that context.

Anonymous said...

Think he's joking about this 'no fear' stuff?
Don't forget, Stringfellow's middle name was "Waterboard". The guy had icewater in his veins, could walk the high wire without a net, and kissed 39 vipers for breakfast because caffeine made him nervous.

As for me, the state ain't what consternates.
It's God and his angels scares the bejesus out of me, I'll confess.
I'm in definite need of a hip replacement, and that's for sure.

Danny said...

Thanks Halden. I will read the recommended books on Stringfellow here.

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