Sunday 1 March 2009

A Cincinnati jacket and a sad luck dame


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that new M Ward album? My usual music source doesn't have it yet.

Ben Myers said...

Hi Bruce. Mine came from the US. Perhaps it hasn't been released yet on this side of the Pacific?

Mark Stevens said...

Thanks Ben. I must owe you at least three coffees by now ;-)

Anonymous said...

The new CD coming soon in print version? Clap hands!

Adrian said...

I'm taking credit for the M. Ward shout out.

Ben Myers said...

Oh yes: all thanks to Adrian for getting me hooked on this album!

He tied a feather to the hook
for to get you to look
And by the time you know what took you,
You already took
He's got a line in the water
He's a fisher of men...

Anonymous said...

Ben. Thanks for the plug and for the link to Dave Belcher's blog.

Anonymous said...

Jason (and others), just so you know, I have shut off comments on that and future posts at my I have said in my most recent post, this is simply for my own health at this point. BUT, if you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to send an email my way. j dot david dot belcher at gmail dot com.

Thanks and peace.

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