Friday 27 April 2007

The worst theological invention: egalitarian sub-poll

Some folks have been disappointed that certain theological inventions didn’t make it on to the main poll. So just to show how egalitarian we are here at Faith & Theology, you can now vote in this sub-poll for the most eligible runner-up!

Which of these things do you think should have made it on to the main poll?

Results (from 223 votes):

Penal substitution (24%)
The denial of penal substitution (15%)
Original sin (12%)
God as a male (21%)
Theologians who deny biblical inerrancy (10%)
Theology blogs (especially this one) (4%)
Polls about the worst theological invention (15%)

Thanks for voting!


John P. said...

Now thats funny.

Alex said...

I'm surprised Docetism didn't make your list. I think I would've voted for that. To me, the danger of Arianism is more straightforward. You either believe it or you don't. But I think Docetism is a bit more insidious and lingers in many modern Christian brains without us even realizing we aren't taking Jesus humanity seriously enough. I'd really like to see how well this would've competed on a poll.

Shane said...

who ever claimed that God was a male?

Matt Jenson said...

Sadly and ironically, I suspect God's 'maleness' was either invented or popularized by feminist theologians trying to do right by both women and God.

Kyle said...

"Rapture" theology implies docetism, because it's a necessary prerequisite.

Bob MacDonald said...

Biblical inerrancy and Papal infallibility are subtypes of Christendom as empire - all examples of lust for power over others. Your poll is a serious question in need of refinement - not humour.

Patrik said...

God's maleness is, like the Trinity in the NT, implied.

One of Freedom said...

Is penal substitution God as a female? I'm just a bit confused here.


Robert Cornwall said...

I think I have to agree with the problem of docetism - in fact it's really a much more prevalent issue in the church than Arianism - and yes, more insidious. But it's so attractive -- you just have that perfect divine Jesus wandering around and then you don't have to consider trying to live like him.

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