Friday 27 April 2007

Understanding postliberal theology

Over at Disruptive Grace, Chris asks us to suggest books “relevant for understanding postliberal theology today.” My top two recommendations are Paul DeHart’s Trial of the Witnesses and Kathryn Tanner’s Theories of Culture. If you want to make any other suggestions, head over to Disruptive Grace.


::aaron g:: said...

I found Transforming Postliberal Theology: George Lindbeck, Pragmatism And Scripture by C.C. Pecknold to be an interesting perspective.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on only to find that Aaron had beaten me to recommending the Pecknold book, which explores Lindbeckian postliberalism in the context of Augustinian "theosemiotics" and American - particularly Peircean - pragmatism. But the DeHart is in a class of its own.

Patrick McManus said...

I would add Christ, Providence and History: Hans W. Frei's Public Theology by Mike Higton. This is the best piece of secondary literature out on Frei. The chapter's on Barth and Strauss are worth the price!


p.s. I'm currently reviewing a book by one of our Canadian theologians, Jane Barter Moulaison. The title is Lord, Giver of Life: Toward a Pneumatological Complement to George Lindbeck's Theory of Doctrine. While not an introductory text to postliberalism, I find her engagement with Lindbeck much more beneficial than Pecknold's.

Chris TerryNelson said...

Thanks for all your comments!

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