Tuesday 31 October 2006


Stimulated by some of Kim’s posts here, The Miner has now posted his own 10 propositions on violence in the Old Testament. Over at Per Caritatem, Cynthia has been hosting an excellent series introducing the Ressourcement movement in Catholic theology, and David Williamson posts a beautifully illustrated theological appreciation of the art of Edward Hopper. Joshua critiques Barth on divine mediation, and Rev. Sam posts a profound (and wonderfully funny) quote from Stanley Hauerwas on the relationship between ethics and liturgy.

Best of all, though, Chris Tilling alerts us to a new theology database, Index Theologicus – a (free!) alternative to the ATLA Religion Database. This is a superb resource for theological research!

On a different note, here are some things I’ll be doing today:

Playing: Bob Dylan, Tree with Roots, disc 3
Watching: Tripping Over
Reading: Branimir Anzulovic, Heavenly Serbia (1999)
Grinding: Scott’s Coffee (organic blend)
Sipping: Heineken
Anticipating: the arrival of Robert Jenson’s new book
Worrying about:
James K. A. Smith’s critique of Pannenberg


byron smith said...

Still looking forward to your thoughts on Smith on Pannenberg. Enjoy that Heineken!*\

* You're not receiving free samples from them too now are you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

In fairness I should point out that the wonderfully wicked Hauerwas quote came from Alastair.

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