Wednesday 11 October 2006

Six things I'm looking forward to

1. A novel: Michael Cox, The Meaning of Night
2. A film: The Children of Men
3. An autobiography: Jürgen Moltmann, Weiter Raum
4. A historical book: John W. Cooper, Panentheism
5. A theological book: Marilyn McCord Adams, Christ and Horrors
6. A Barth book: R. Dale Dawson, The Resurrection in Karl Barth


J said...

The book by Marilyn McCord Adams sounds thought provoking. I may just have pick that one up. Thanks for the tip.

Chris Tilling said...

The Panentheism book looks interesting. Do you consider panentheism a theological viable option, Ben?

Anonymous said...

I always love these references from you. They usually don't disappoint. I am especially interested in the Panentheism and Weiter Raum; I guess they make sense together.

Ben Myers said...

No, Chris, I don't personally see panentheism as a viable option. I certainly respect Moltmann's attempt to offer a biblically and theologically rich panentheism -- but, for me, panentheism still compromises the freedom of God and the distinction between creator and creature.

One of Freedom said...

I would love to hear more of your thoughts on panentheism Ben. I find it a very helpful option, especially as a resource for developing a Christian ecological response that is not simply stewardship. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that book as well.

David W. Congdon said...

Ben, are you a fan of Alfonso Cuaron's other films, or were you attracted by this story in particular? or both? Cuaron is one of my favorite directors working today.

I am personally most looking forward to Babel and Volver.

Ben Myers said...

Actually, I've only seen a few of Cuaron's films. But I've seen promising reviews of Children of Men, and I enjoyed reading the book some years ago (it's based on a P. D. James novel). So perhaps this one will make me a Cuaron fan!

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