Tuesday 26 September 2006

Things I've noticed

At the new Swansea University Chaplaincy website, Richard Hall has kindly reproduced my “theology for beginners” series.

Meanwhile, AKMA has an excellent post on Barth and Bultmann, Joshua discusses Barth’s theology of resurrection, and WTM posts some great quotes on the question, What is systematic theology?

Douglas Knight has been writing some superb posts on ecclesiology and catholicity, and Byron continues his excellent series proving that heaven “is not the end of the world” – a much-needed response to the disastrous idea that salvation is about “going to heaven when you die”!

And, speaking of heaven, various blogs have been discussing Kim’s latest post about hell – see for instance here, here, here and here.

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byron smith said...

Thanks Ben, I always enjoy your blog-round-up service - especially when I'm on it! :-)

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