Monday 11 September 2006

Theology for beginners

Here are the links to the series:

1. Faith
2. Theology
3. Gospel

4. Israel
5. Jesus
6. Crucifixion
7. Resurrection

8. Triunity
9. Election

10. Creation
11. Creatures
12. Humans

13. Deity
14. Descent
15. Ascent

16. Spirit
17. Church
18. Freedom
19. Forgiveness
20. Mission

21. Completion
22. Glorification


Michael Pahl said...

Ben, this is excellent. Thanks for doing the series!

One of Freedom said...

I wanted to voice my appreciation for this contribution as well. Thanks.

Derek Brown said...

Simply superb so far, and the rest will be the same no doubt!

David Williamson said...

A truly excellent series. There is such a hunger for theology in churches.

tchittom said...

The amount of time each of these must take is just astounding. They are just brilliant. Thanks for doing this.

byron smith said...

Such a great resource to be able to recommend to others, as well as being a personal encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled here and am so glad I did!! This is a wonderfully written series for those of us who want to dig deeper but are searching through everything to "put it all together". Also enjoying working my way through your other posts.Thank you...will be back for lots more!

Stewart said...

This is a brilliant resource. Thanks so much for bringing all of this together in one place. I'll be back many times!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your generosity.

Portia said...

This blog has been helpful in my recent quest to learn more about theology. What would be a good book that introduces some of the major theologians throughout church history?

Adam Borneman - Second Presbyterian said...

wow, this is a really great resource. Thanks.

Ondrej from Good Reading said...

I wrote a book about problems of the 21st century, religion was one of the chapters (don't take the word "problem" in an offensive way) - and it will definitely need rewriting. Your resources will help a bit, thanks.

Fr. Michael Flowers said...

As a late comer to Dr. Myers, I applaud your heart for the Church catholic, something very valuable to both clergy and laity. The way you've integrated so many diverse and rich sources is a wonderful gift. Thank you!

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