Wednesday 9 August 2006

The suffering God

An excellent post from Gaunilo: six theses on divine suffering.


David W. Congdon said...

I have responded to Gaunilo's theses with my own set of seven theses. Thanks for the Hegel quote, Ben. My response is basically Barth and Jüngel, which leads me to the thought: Barth and Jüngel vs. David Bentley Hart? No contest.

Shane said...

How about Barth and Jungel vs. Athanasius and Cyril and Gregory of Nyssa and Leo the Great and Augustine and John Damascene and Thomas Aquinas?


David W. Congdon said...

Just because we are deeply in debt to such great thinkers of the past does not mean we should absolve them of errors. The theology of thinkers like Augustine and Gregory is rich, ecclesial, and always worth reading. But certain assumptions were at work that I believe we do well to discard. That, of course, is not to suggest that we should discard their theology or their value, only that we cannot assume that such lofty and pious men of the church were right.

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