Tuesday 1 August 2006

The book meme spreads...

Our friend Kevin has done a great job on the latest Biblical Studies Carnival—and he mentions there that the One Book Meme has been “explosively popular” since it started six days ago (here is Google’s list of the meme’s progress). So thanks to all of you who helped to get this going!


Stephen G said...

That's quite an impressive Google list.

Now you need something like this (link below) to find out if all the people within 3 hyperlinks of you are closet Jane Austin or Rudolf Bultmann fans.


Or what the most popular book was in the "wish it had never been written" category is.

I look forward to the next meme.

Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Thanks Ben, and congratulations again on the really fun One Book Meme. You can see in different places where it's been altered a bit, people adding, changing, and so on. It'd be a perfect project for a folklore student to collect!

byron smith said...

It just keeps growing and growing. Here is a list someone put together a few days ago, but it must be far from complete.

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