Friday 9 June 2006

Theological finalists

Patrik has now listed his 32 systematic finalists (somehow the unpopular John Hick still made it into the finals!). And Joshua is running a poll on American theologians, so stop by and vote (all my money is on Robert Jenson).


Anonymous said...

Protestentism is a fissiparous phenomenon, which (I predict) will be reflected in the vote. My money (if not my hope) is on the in-form RC von Balthasar.

One of Freedom said...

I plan on painting a big green M on my chest and rooting for Moltmann all the way!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link. and i am afraid the pontificator is right. all my money is on hauerwas. if i limited the votes to the us only he would win with over 60%. jenson is nearly tied with tanner for me. despite their considerable disagrements over history and transcendence

Anonymous said...

Hey, Joshua, how about Tanner on the left wing and Jenson on the right! The pugnacious Hauerwas has got to be the striker. Ratzinger, of course, is in goal.

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