Thursday 22 June 2006

Eberhard Jüngel online

Since we’re talking about Eberhard Jüngel at the moment, you might be interested in Marc Batko’s website, which offers his own English translations of some of Jüngel’s essays and sermons. Batko is the translator of Dorothee Soelle’s On Earth as in Heaven (1993), and he has an online translation of Jüngel’s sermon on the “Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard”. (He has translated many other theological essays as well, including several by Moltmann.)

Also, be sure to check out David Congdon’s blog, God as the Mystery of Theology—an entire blog devoted to the theology of Eberhard Jüngel!

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David Wilkerson said...

Jungel - in his parable of the laborers sermon(2/3 down or so):

"To name only one controversial problem in the Evangelical church of Germany, shouldn’t unmarried partners be simply excluded from God’s goodness and assigned to second place where the shadows of his goodness fall? Was our middle class world mistaken for the kingdom of heaven and our middle class judgments and prejudices for God’s final judgment?"


I would love to see the American church (liberal or conservative)wrestling with unmarried committed partners. 20 somethings don't go to church until they are married or have children. I would like to see some sort of accomodated sexual ethic for our culture of late-marriage. Conservatives simply condemn, liberals just don't meddle into that "private sphere" which most people find dishonest (note singles don't go here either). Most people just live with the guilt by abandoning church for awhile. Some never come back after experiencing the "liberation".

Anyway has anybody read anything along these lines?

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