Friday 19 May 2006

A new series

I’ll be starting a new series shortly, in which various guest-bloggers will explain about why they love certain contemporary or historical theologians. There will be guest-posts on many theological thinkers from a range of Christian traditions—people like Jonathan Edwards, Jürgen Moltmann, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, Eberhard Jüngel, Hans Küng, Rowan Williams, John Webster, Kathryn Tanner, and various others.

But there’s just one problem: I haven’t been able to think of a title for the series. And I can’t start the series until I have a title. So please give me some suggestions!


Jordan Barrett said...

Hmmm... maybe, "Theologians now and then: a guests' analysis". or "____ analysis" instead of "guest". Maybe that's too long.

Jordan Barrett said...

Wow! 5:30am on Saturday?! I'm just eating lunch on Friday!

Fred said...

- Theological Appreciations
- Theologians on Tap
- Theological Appreciation Society
- Why I Love . . .
- Love me, love my theologian

Ok. I got nothin'

Anonymous said...

Actually Fred, I reckon "Love me, love my theologian" is rather good. Certainly more so than the only idea that came to my mind: "Theologian of the Day" (yup, lame).

Anonymous said...

Love thy theologian?

Anonymous said...

"The Great Mediums of God"

Meybe a bit heretical, but sounds good.

Anonymous said...

How about something like this:

"For the Love of God: Theological Devotion"

::aaron g:: said...

Theologians: Now and Then

byron smith said...

How about 'Theological Idol' - Start with a group of guest-bloggers and their theoheros, and each week your audience can vote for their favourites. Lowest score is removed each week and each gets another chance to blog.

Fred said...

I must say that I really love the phrase, "For the Love of God," if for no other reason than it avoids the polysyllabic words "theologians" and "theology."

Let's see what it could look like . . .

For the Love of God ... Hans Urs von Balthasar
For the Love of God ... Jonathan Edwards
For the Love of God ...

and, yes, the word "theoheros" makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

If "Theological Idol" would be a topical name, how about "Big Brother"/"Big Sister"?

Anonymous said...

"Desert Island Theologians" (ok, that's lame)
"Hark! The Heralds"
"The Shoulders of Giants: ... "

Or, picking up on your earlier series,

"Essential Theologians for Theologians"

thunderbeard said...

Here it is, straight up: "Kickin' it with...(insert name here)"

It's hip and hap'nin.' It'll bring in the youth demographic.

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