Saturday 6 May 2006

Hearing the word

“The word of God never becomes our property. The test of whether we have heard it aright is whether we are prepared always to hear it anew, to ask for it in every decision in life; whether we are prepared to let it intervene in the moment of decision.”

—Rudolf Bultmann, Existence and Faith: Shorter Writings (New York: Meridian, 1960), p. 169.


Jim said...

A fine quote. Those who demonize Bultmann should take the time to read him rather than conservative / fundamentalist books ABOUT him.

Ben Myers said...

"Those who demonize Bultmann should take the time to read him" -- yes, you're absolutely right. Contrary to what many people would expect, nothing could be more characteristic of Bultmann's whole outlook than the statement I've quoted here.

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