Saturday 13 May 2006

Biblical Studies Carnival VI: call for submissions

The sixth Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted here at Faith and Theology on 1 June.

The Carnival presents posts relating to the academic discipline of biblical studies and cognate disciplines. You can nominate either a post of your own or someone else’s post, and you’re free to make multiple nominations (but only one post per author). The posts should have been published recently, within the month of May.

To submit a post for inclusion to the Biblical Studies Carnival VI, you may do one of the following:

1. Send the following information to the email address biblical_studies_carnival AT

• The title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name or pseudonym.
• A short (two or three sentence) summary of the blog post
• The title and URL of the blog on which it appears (please note if it is a group blog)
• Include “Biblical Studies Carnival VI” in the subject line of your email
• Your own name and email address

2. Or, more simply, use the submission form here. Just select “biblical studies carnival” and fill in the rest of the information noted above.

To find out more about the Biblical Studies Carnival, visit the Carnival homepage.

[Please circulate this announcement as appropriate.]

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