Thursday 16 February 2006

New theological blogs

There are some excellent new theological blogs that you should be sure to visit. Cynthia Nielsen has a new blog called Per Caritatem, with an extraordinary range of interesting posts, ranging from Foucault to the Fourth Gospel, and from jazz to radical feminism. And the new Luther Library is a very nice blog devoted entirely to Luther and Lutheranism.

Joshua’s Blog has been offering some great posts on topics ranging from African theology to Henri de Lubac, while Alex Silva’s blog, Your Own Personal Jesus, describes itself as “Thoughts on N. T. Wright, John Calvin, Karl Barth, Hans Küng, Donald Miller, Ben Witherington and others on my reading list.” The promising new blog, Without Authority, has various recent posts on theology and science, natural theology, the (non-)immortality of the soul, and even a whole series of posts on Rudolf Bultmann.

Best of all, though, is Douglas Knight’s new blog, which features some remarkably fine theological posts (and which is the new “blog of the week”). Douglas Knight was a recent doctoral student of Colin Gunton at King’s College, and he now lectures in Christian doctrine. He has a forthcoming book entitled The Eschatological Economy, and he has edited the forthcoming volume Personhood and the Church: The Theology of John Zizioulas (Ashgate). In addition to his blog, Knight’s website Resources for Christian Theology is one of the best systematic theology websites around, with some very valuable online material, and with the best available online material on Zizioulas.


The Librarian said...

Thanks for mentioning the Luther Library. We placed a reciprocal note on the blog inviting people to visit you here, especially your "Top Ten Icons" list.

I do have one slight correction to your post, however. The blog isn't devoted entirely to "Luther" but to "Lutheranism" and "Lutheran reading." Indeed, most of what's been reviewed so far isn't by Martin but was penned by one of his spiritual heirs.

Ben Myers said...

Oops, sorry about that. I have corrected the post. Thanks, and best wishes!

Thomas Adams said...

Thank you, Ben, for your kind mention of my blog. The traffic at my site has gone up tremendously over the past few days!! Cheers, Thomas

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Ben. I have reciprocated at last. I really appreciate all the news, of upcoming conferences and of Kasper at Durham. This blog must be a huge investment of time. I hope you are working on getting some of this material into print too.

Anonymous said...

sorry, 'Anonymous' above was me

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