Tuesday 14 February 2006

Karl Barth's early theology of crisis

“[Barth’s] deepest intention was to point to the crisis for the sake of pointing to the grace of God, to speak the No for the sake of making the divine Yes heard. In this crisis all human ways are exposed as dead-end roads in order that the one Way might be revealed. The divine Yes is the background of the radical crisis which is suspended over the whole of life.”

—G. C. Berkouwer, The Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth (London: Paternoster, 1956), p. 33.


Ben Myers said...

As a footnote: In case you don't know this book by Berkouwer, it's still one of the finest things ever written on Barth's theology. It's a study of remarkable power and insight. When Barth read it, he was moved nearly to tears.

Chris Tilling said...

Uh oh, another one to add to the list!

I've just started Busch's Lebenslauf, btw.

Ben Myers said...

I'm delighted to hear you're reading Busch's Lebenslauf, Chris. This is definitely the best introduction to Barth's theology -- and it's a very delightful book too.

Anonymous said...

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