Tuesday 21 February 2006

Jim als Geheimnis der Welt

Just when I thought that Jim West could not be any more generous, he has delighted me by sending me his lovely and valuable 1992 edition of Eberhard Jüngel’s magnificent work, Gott als Geheimnis der Welt (also published in translation: God as the Mystery of the World).

This is the greatest of Jüngel’s books, and I think it’s one of the best theological works to have been published within the last 50 years. I’m most grateful to Jim for his geheimnisvoll kindness and generosity!


Jim said...

Now you've gone and ruined my reputation as a cruel, vicious, fundamentalist bashing, anti-ignorance, pro-minimalist.... Let's try to keep this on the down low so that no further harm is rendered my rep. Now, just to prove how genuinely common I am, I'm going to go upstairs and eat some brownies and drink some diet coke and watch American Idol! HA! You didn't expect that did you! "No one ever expects the Spanish inquisition...."

Chris Tilling said...


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