Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Theology for beginners: outline

Here’s a provisional outline of the new “Theology for Beginners” series (21 posts in 6 sections). As you can see, I couldn’t think of single-word titles for posts 14 and 15 – so let me know if you’ve got any good ideas (I didn’t want to use the traditional terms “humiliation” and “exaltation,” but those are the concepts I have in mind).

No doubt this outline will change once I start writing the posts – but it should at least give you a rough idea of what to expect:

1. Faith
2. Theology
3. Gospel

4. Resurrection
5. Crucifixion
6. Jesus

7. Triunity
8. Election
9. History

10. Creation
11. Upholding
12. Humanity

13. Sin
14. Jesus: God lowered
15. Jesus: humanity lifted

16. Spirit
17. Church
18. Freedom
19. Forgiveness
20. Mission
21. Future


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