Monday, 13 February 2006

Scottish Journal of Theology

The new issue of the Scottish Journal of Theology is out now. This issue has a special focus on historical theology: it includes one of my own articles on Milton’s theology (send me an email if you’d like an offprint), as well as excellent articles on Athanasius, Calvin, Edwards, Rutherford and Pannenberg. The full contents are available online to subscribing libraries. Here are the contents:

The biblical historical structure of Calvin’s Institutes
Stephen Edmondson

Jonathan Edwards: advice to weary theologians
Melanie Ross

Samuel Rutherford’s supralapsarianism revealed: a key to the lapsarian position of the Westminster Confession of Faith?
Guy M. Richard

Image of God as both fount and destiny of humanity: how Herderian is Pannenberg?
Kam Ming Wong

Predestination and freedom in Milton’s Paradise Lost
Benjamin Myers

God’s trinitarian substance in Athanasian theology
John R. Meyer


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