Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Love, sex and theologians: a Valentine's Day quiz

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s a little theological quiz—I’ll add the answers within the next day (Update: answers are now added).

1. A 12th-century French theologian had a passionate love affair with his young student, and her resulting pregnancy caused a great scandal. What were the names of these unfortunate lovers?
Answer: Abelard and Heloise.

2. Which famous preacher was unhappily married to a woman who heckled him loudly during his sermons?
Answer: John Wesley

3. Which prolific 19th-century American theologian was, throughout most of his career, a fulltime carer for his disabled wife?
Answer: B. B. Warfield

4. Which church Father, upon converting to Christianity, abandoned the devoted mistress who had lived with him for 14 years?
Answer: Augustine

5. Which Christian writer entered into a marriage of convenience with an American woman to help her gain British citizenship?
Answer: C. S. Lewis

6. Which famous hymn-writer had an affair with his neighbour after spying on her while she took a shower?
Answer: King David

7. Which Christian poet was abandoned by his wife only a month after their wedding?
Answer: John Milton

8. Which Protestant theologian said: “The religious and the sexual are closely related”?
Answer: Karl Barth


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