Monday, 6 February 2006

Easier things to read before college

The other day I posted a list of things to read before commencing theological study. There were some excellent comments in response, and some people felt (quite rightly, I suppose) that the texts listed were really too difficult for pre-college readers.

So here is a supplementary list (in alphabetical order) of “easier things” to read before college. In this list I’ve tried to incorporate some of the suggestions made in the comments on the previous post. But I’m still very uncertain about this list, so let me know if there are any really good (or more recent) introductory books that I’m failing to mention.

* Karl Barth, Evangelical Theology: An Introduction
* Emil Brunner, Our Faith
* Justo Gonzàlez, The Story of Christianity
* Alister McGrath, Christian Theology: An Introduction
* Alice Parmelee, A Guide Book to the Bible
* G. Ernest Wright and Reginald H. Fuller, The Book of the Acts of God: Contemporary Scholarship Interprets the Bible
* N. T. Wright, The Challenge of Jesus
* N. T. Wright, What Saint Paul Really Said
* Frances Young, The Making of the Creeds

Update: See also Paul Whiting’s list, the Pontificator’s list, and Mike Bird’s list for New Testament students.


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