Thursday 1 June 2017

Filioque? A letter to Australia from TF Torrance

Speaking of the trinity, here's a letter that T. F. Torrance sent to an Australian minister back in 1984, responding to a question about the filioque. Torrance explains his criticism of the filioque and why he thinks Athanasius is better than the Cappadocians. Many thanks to Murray Earl for allowing me to post this.

(PS: I imagine it's one of the high-points of being a minister, that you can receive mail addressed to The Manse.)


Brian McK said...

Thanks. This is most interesting to me. I read this joke once:
The Pope, chatting with Greek metropolitan during a fraternal visit just before Ash Wednesday, asked "I wonder, your Eminence, what I might give up for Lent."
"The Filoque, Holiness," came the reply.

PJtheoLogy said...

Thank you for sharing this Ben it is a great explanation of why the filioque should be maintained but also highlights how it has been misinterpreted or reinterpreted and opened the door to subordinationism, subtle or otherwise. I have often felt some sympathy and support for the Orthodox position and the decision of the UCA to remove the filioque, although I understand that this decision was taken primarily for historical not theological reasons. What struck me most was the comment he quotes from Cyril about the Son being present in all that the Father does. I certainly see what Torrance is driving at and think it is past time I re-read "Trinitarian Perspectives" by T.F.Torrance which has been gathering dust on my shelves!

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