Tuesday 24 May 2011

On Narnia and talking trees

Drawing by Aaron Pocock
For quite some time now, I've been reading C. S. Lewis's Narnia books aloud to my children before bed – and we've just started on the seventh one, The Last Battle. So here's an email that my wife sent me today:

This morning Jamie came inside crying, looking very scared. He said, "There is a talking tree outside but it couldn't talk!" I asked a few questions, and it turns out the tree near the swing set has a crack which is most definitely a scary mouth, even though it didn't talk. I told him there were only talking trees in the land of Narnia, not in our world. He agreed this was true, but added that all trees have eyes and mouths and noses inside them. Then he changed his mind and said trees are actually made up of green and yellow jelly on the inside. Yummy.


Chris said...

keep that imagination working... it is a helpful tool! (sweet!! :))

tortoise said...

I thought there were some talking trees in Middle Earth as well - or is that just a false notion that I've been Ent-ertaining?

Anonymous said...

Do you really know that there are no talking trees on planet Earth, or in your back garden? Or that the non-humans are incapable of communicating with us?

They could for instance be trying to tell us that we are dammed noisy, and that we are killing everything, and thus by extension our selves.

Children quite often have unique sensitivities to psychic, magical and spiritual phenomena, which we adults in our dreadful culturally enforced "sanity" dismiss and suppress.

Brian Gronewoller said...

If they were filled with jelly we could solve world hunger with PBJ's.

I just started reading this series to my daughters for the third time. What a great read and conversation starter for our children!

(also, I was expecting the poster above me to end his/her post by saying that he/she was a tree who was writing anonymously since Google does not give accounts to anyone who can grow their own foliage. However, the third section didn't end in quite the fashion that I had anticipated).

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