Wednesday 11 May 2011

Off the Shelf: three more types of reading

As a sequel to six types of reading, here are another three types. I had also planned to mention Secret Reading, Stolen Reading, Restless Reading, Abortive Reading, Fetishistic Reading, and Travel Reading – but I got frightfully distracted by all the little pressed flowers inside the pages of Dr Johnson. So I might discuss a few more types of reading next time.

Books mentioned in this video:


David CLD said...

Muscle shirt Ben . . .

Pamela said...

Johnson's book - what a find. I can never resist bookshops of any description, and op shops which sell books are great also. Thanks for this series Ben.
I'm looking forward to the talk on "Restless Reading" - I've seen quite a bit of that in our school library!

Terry Wright said...

So you had to barricade yourself in against your adoring public, eh?

twoemptyhands said...

Any thoughts on how you actually read a book - skimming, word for word, etc? I ask because you seem to keep up with a lot of reading, even beyond just the theology world. Do you have a set reading schedule? Location? Preferred caffeinated beverage? Do you go through spurts of theology, fiction (novel and short story), etc? I curious about these things... :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I have ever recommended this before, but I would really benefit and enjoy having audio of your class lectures. If you ever record and post them I will be first to download!

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