Thursday 28 April 2011

Systematic theology job: Geneva

In his Confessions, Augustine asks the beautiful, aching question: "Do we remember happiness as one who has seen Carthage remembers it?" I have never been to Carthage: but I have been to Lake Geneva.

I mentioned the other day that theologian, historian, and grand amateur de jazz Christophe Chalamet will soon be leaving Fordham for Geneva. Christophe also informs me of a job opening at the University of Geneva's Faculty of Protestant Theology. The position involves working on a doctoral dissertation in systematic theology, as well as working as a theological assistant (e-learning, research support, administration, etc).

The position is nearly full-time (80%), and pays around 50,000 Swiss francs per annum (about 38,000 euros). Applicants must have excellent French-English, a Masters degree or equivalent, and a strong interest in 20th-century and contemporary theology. Further details are available here.


Paul Tyson said...

I think I would remember happiness if I could see any sort of job or paiid post-doc in theology in Australia. Being a mono-linguistic Australian with a PhD from that jewel of high culture (NOT!!) QUT, I've got a fat chance of getting an overseas gig, and, it seems, no chance of getting one here (because our tenured jobs seem to go to overseas applicants over 'early career' locals everytime; unless one is really brilliant, such as Ben). Anyone know of anything humble but tenured going here I could apply for?

CJW said...

Honestly. What a 'job'.

Ben Myers said...

Paul, I know what you mean — there are so many good young scholars around who just can't find work. And for many of us who do have academic jobs, it's much more to do with luck than brilliance. But anyway, I think that's also what makes this sort of job so encouraging — it's great to see some genuine investment in younger scholars.

Karl Hand said...

A job in Geneva! All they would have to pay me would be food to survive and the opportunity to breathe Genevan air.

Paul Tyson said...

Yes Ben - it is wonderful to see that these sort of positions are 'out there'. But - and I feel your sympathy here - it is also discouraging from a middle of the pack early career hopeful kind of place, as the competition for the few post-docs like this available in the world is at such a high level that middle of the pack aspiring academics are very tempted to consider a career in real estate (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhg.... no, no Lord, please, anything, anything, but not real estate!).

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