Monday, 8 March 2010

A shortlist of book titles

Many thanks for all the humorous, insightful and occasionally insane suggestions for a book title. I've come up with a rough list of my favourites, but I'm still having trouble deciding. I also appreciated the comments regarding the subtitle, so I'm wondering now whether "fragments" or "intersection" might be a better metaphor than "improvisation", especially if the latter sounds awkward and pretentious. Anyway, here's the shortlist (a mix of proposed titles and subtitles) – which do you like best?

  • Transpositions: Improvising Theology and Culture
  • Drawing in the Dust: Sketches in Theology and Culture
  • Improvised Fragments: Explorations in Theology and Culture
  • Loopaper: Theological Reflections on Culture You Can Recycle (not sure how this would sell, but it's a damn good title)
  • Post It: Notes on Theology and Culture
  • On the Stage of the Everyday: Improvisations in Theology and Culture
  • Texts at the Intersection: Fragments in Theology and Culture (with a cover photo of someone texting at a busy intersection)
  • Secular Parables: Fragments in Theology and Culture
  • I also liked the subtitle "Intersecting Theology and Culture"


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