Sunday, 28 March 2010

Comic strip: theological superheroes

When I was gathering the abstracts for the Sarah Coakley symposium, I kept pestering Oliver Crisp to write an abstract. So finally, just to appease me, he submitted the following title and abstract:

"Coakley vs. Martians in Manhattan Showdown": In this paper I will argue that the psychic powers Coakley has developed in her work would enable her to deal with and destroy any bid made by desperate extra-terrestrials to take over Manhattan just by thinking the words "feminist theology rocks".
I mentioned in yesterday's comments that this entire paper could be written as a graphic novel. So Oliver Crisp has come through with the goods – behold, the theological superheroes comic strip, starring Sarah Coakley (click to enlarge):

No doubt about it: this is gonna be an interesting symposium...


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